UltraTall™ Towers

Using a new invention called LITS-Form™, the UltraTall™ towers are fabricated at the wind generation site.

Conventional Towers are manufactured at a large, expensive facility. Then the towers must be transported using specialized vehicles to the wind site. The tower sections are oversize which requires expensive permits.

Tower Designs

The design specifications of wind energy towers require that the diameter of the tower must increase as the tower height increases.

At a height of about 100 meters, the diameter of a wind energy tower is as large as it can be and still be transported.

Overhead power lines, bridges, and other overhead obstructions prevent larger towers from being moved by rail or by truck.

Conventional towers that are manufactured at a central facility and transported by rail or truck cannot be taller than 100 meters.

Heavy Steel Plate Bending

Wind towers are made of thick steel plates, some more than one inch thick. This steel has strength levels of as much as 60 thousand pounds per square inch. So, a one inch thick plate that is 40 feet long can require a machine that can apply as much as 30 million pounds of force to bend.

These machines require large reinforced concrete foundations and can take several weeks to assemble and install.
LITS-Form Heavy Steel Plate Bending

The LITS-Form process is a new invention that uses rapid differential thermal expansion and contraction to bend heavy steel plates.

A LITS-Form machine with a 3 million watt heat source can easily bend two inch thick steel plates quickly and with very high precision.

The LITS-Form machine is completely portable and is fast and easy to set-up at the wind generation site. The machine fits on a small, light weight, flat-bed truck. Heavy steel plates as thick as two inches are precision formed and then welded together to make the wind tower.

Using the same power lines that will later be used to transmit electricity from the wind generation site to the grid, the LITS-Form machine is connected to the power source. Then the machine begins to precision bend 10 foot by 40 foot steel plates, up to two inches thick, every few minutes. It can produce as many as 50 UltraTall towers in less than a month.

UltraTall Tower is Self-Erecting

Field cranes taller than 100 meters have limited availability and are costly to transport and to lease or buy No field cranes are even available at the height of the largest UltraTall Towers.

The UltraTall Tower design is self erecting which eliminates the need for a very large field crane.

By eliminating the transportation cost of towers and nearly eliminating the crane cost of the tower, EnergYnTech is able to install UltraTall towers at a very reasonable price to the wind generator operator and help to reduce the cost of wind energy to the consumer.