EnergynTech provides a variety of products and services to help you improve your materials and manufacturing processes. We are an innovative team run by an experienced research metallurgist, backed up by a dedicated, creative, and skilled team of engineers and technicians.


Virtual Welder

Virtual training system for beginning welders



In order to gain control of your process, you must first understand what is happening while your process is operating. By collecting data about your process' operation, developing models to understand how your process is operating, and then using that understanding to adjust your process, you can obtain optimal results.

Our products and services for process measurement, modeling and optimization include:


Additionally, we can design a custom solution for your specific need.



Energytech applies our scientific expertise, creative problem solving and proven scientific methods to develop new processing methods for materials. We have multiple patents and patents pending on a variety of new processes we have developed.

Our published processes include:

Additional processes are in development and will be added when the patents are filed.
Let us work on developing your process idea.


Weld 5/8in. steel together in one pass at 45ipm with no edge prep and no/low distortion

UltraTall Windtowers

Self-erecting, 150-250M Windtowers, manufactured on site



Our team has specialized expertise in automating these high-tech processes for production. We specialize in implementing custom flexible automation solutions, which means our products give you the capability to change from one model part to another entirely by an automated change in the data in a software program--no change in tooling, workcell, or operator.


Our automation solutions include:


If these products don't solve your problem, let us design a custom solution for you.